S.P. Engineers make Spring Balancers intended to sustain manual tools to free the operator from the weight of hand equipment. The balancer tool can be pulled down with slightest load, with no any damage or weakness. Usage of the tools is very effortless as the load and force required for operation is counter balanced in the system of Spring Balancers / Tool Balancers itself. S.P. Engineers spring balancers are manufactured of high quality material and resist to heavy working cycle. The four types of balancers are manufactured by S.P. Engineers type’s are :


  • ➾ SP provide 0.5 kg to 200 kg of lifting load, and a number of 23 different load ranges are provided for option.
  • ➾ When mounted with Install Hook, it can perform 360-degree revolving.
  • ➾ Quick Installation
  • ➾ Heavy duty spring
  • ➾ Easy tension adjustments-no tools required.
  • ➾ Durable nylon covered steel rope
  • ➾ Convenient snap type tool clip.
  • ➾ In-line alignment of hanger & tool Hook.
  • ➾ Ergonomic design user friendly